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Yoshua Bengio: Yoshua BengioOCFRSC (born 1964 in Paris, 法国)是加拿大人 计算机科学家,因在 人工神经网络 and deep learning. 他是2018年的共同获奖者 ACM A.M. Turing Award for his work in 深度学习。 He is a professor at the Department of Computer Science 和 Operations Research at the 蒙特利尔大学 和...的科学总监




OpenAI引入了神经网络CLIP,可从自然语言监督中有效学习视觉概念。 CLIP,也称为 只需提供视觉类别,就可以将对比语言–图像预训练应用于任何视觉分类基准'要识别的名称。用户发现以上类似"zero-shot" capabilities of GPT-2 和 3. The...

Max Planck Institute 和 脸书 Reality Labs Develop A Model That Performs Human Re-Rendering From A Single Image



Many people may not be capable of defining what a minor mode in music is. Still, they can intuitively differentiate between notes belonging to the minor scale (which tend to sound dark, tense, or sad) from those in the major scale (which more often appear light 和 happy). However, throughout history, when there was no clear distinction...


来自尼泊尔的机器学习(ML)研究人员Amit Chaudhary最近推出了一种浏览器扩展程序,该扩展程序使用户可以直接访问与在arXiv平台上发表的研究论文相关的视频。 ArXiv已成为新机器学习(ML)论文的重要资源。最初在1991年,它作为存储站点推出,用于...

脸书 AI与纽约大学合作推出新的机器学习(ML)模型来预测COVID患者’s Health Condition

即使在与COVID大流行进行了长达一年的斗争之后,'预测患者仍然是一个挑战'整个治疗过程中的状况。与NYU Langone Health合作'Facebook AI放射学和预测分析部门的研究人员开发了三种机器学习(ML)模型,以帮助医疗保健提供者和医生预测患者如何'病情可能会发展,并做出相应的计划。

谷歌 AI引入ToTTo:使用新型注释过程的受控表格到文本生成数据集

自然语言的兴起领域 Research in natural language generation (NLG), a subset of artificial intelligence, is rising. NLG is a software process that changes structured data into natural language. Not to be confused with natural language processing (NLP), NLG synthesizes 和 writes new content, whereas NLP reads 和 derives analytic insights from...

Model Proposed By 哥伦比亚大学 Can Learn Predictability From Unlabelled Video

We, humans, are always making predictions about our environment. These predictions are made based on various factors, 和 as we all know, some things are easier to foretell than others. Researchers at Columbia University have proposed a new framework for 和 层次预测模型 可以从未贴标签的视频中了解可以预测的内容。  In their paper, Learning the...


斯坦福大学附属研究员Michal 科辛斯基声称建立了一种算法来暴露人们's political views from social media profiles 和 facial expressions. He used a dataset of over 1 million 脸书 和 dating sites profiles. He trained an algorithm that, according to him, can correctly classify political orientation in 72% of "liberal-conservative" face pairs.

脸书 AI和德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校的研究人员介绍了VisualVoice:一种新的视听语音分离方法

Despite being present in surroundings with contaminated 和 overlapping sounds, the human perceptual system moves massively on visual information to lessen the audio’s ambiguities 和 modulate concentration on an active speaker in a dynamic environment. Researchers at 脸书 AI 和 the University of Texas at Austin have proposed a new audio-visual speech separation approach....
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